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Inspire Wellness Studio

24 hours notice

Avoid cancellation or no show charges

Our therapists are in high demand and have people on wait lists for certain days and times in the event of a cancellation. If you cannot make your appointment please let us know the day before, otherwise, you will be charged the price of your booked appointment. Massage therapists are only paid when their clients show up, when clients no show, your therapists get 0 dollars/hour. No one can pay their bills on that wage! Thank you for understanding. When you are in our care, we offer you the utmost respect, we only ask for the same.

If you have to cancel you can contact us this way. Send an email, text or phone call. Text or phone is preferred since emails have a habit of landing in the junk box.You will know that your therapist got the message when you get the email stating that your appointment was cancelled. If you do not receive this email, your therapist doesn’t know that you cancelled and you will still be charged for your massage. 

You can also go online, book in a new time and add to the note box that you need to cancel your appointment (add day and time) but you have re-booked for another time.

Contact info

Deanne Smith 780-814-4380

Cass Marshall 780-897-0292