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Yoga in the Yurt!

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Yoga in the Yurt

Deanne is now offering Yoga classes in her Yurt, which is on her acreage, 5 minutes southwest of Costco. You can book into the classes using the website. Click on the class you are interested in below and enter the information requested. We will start with a modest schedule and build from there based on demand and requests. Deanne will be bringing in other teachers to select from as well. 

For the time being classes are pre-registered but we will have room for drop ins in the future. Your payment is your registration. There will be a link to secure payment through Paypal, once you have paid you can rest easy that your spot is secure. You will be emailed directions on how to find the yurt after your registration is secure and before the first class.

Most commonly asked question.... What is a yurt? A yurt is a round Mongolian building (also called a ger) that comprises an angled assembly of latticework and a ring at the peak of the roof around a clear dome. There is a certain feeling when you step inside the yurt, most people can feel it. It is said that inside a round building, no evil can become stuck since there are no corners. This can be seen in other cultures and is the reason why Douglas Cardinal, the architect that designed our Grande Prairie College, did so without any right angles.  Perhaps this is why it feels so peaceful inside the yurt, it is a unique experience indeed.

The yurt is heated with a wood burning stove so it is warm in the winter. This particular yurt came with a winter package so it can withstand the cold of our winters. In fact, a family of 5 lived in this yurt over the winter on its original location outside Teepee Creek.

Deanne and her husband Brad and some gracious helpers took this yurt down, nail by screw by log by board by dome by lattice by doorframes, until it was a gigantic pile of puzzle pieces. They then had to transport it to their acreage and put this gigantic puzzle back together!  This was a project in patience to say the least!

If you are not sure if Deanne is the teacher for you, you can attend the classes she teaches at Oranj fitness in Grande Prairie. Her classes at Oranj are a difficulty level of medium to challenging but always doable. We hope to see you in the yurt!

She can also work with private groups, staff nights, one on one class. She has many ideas of workshops to offer and you can send her an email at of any workshop requests.




Yin and Tonic

This is our kind of happy hour! Yin is the style of yoga and the tonic is the adjustments infused with essential oils. Deanne uses some Thai massage techniques, some yoga adjustments and some myofascial release techniques. Yin yoga is very effective at releasing restrictions in the fascial layers much like myofascial release in massage therapy. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes to allow the softening and unraveling of the layers in the body. This process cannot be rushed or the effect is not as lasting. Allow this gentle practice to reveal layers of stuck stress living in the body. Trust the process, follow the breath, let go.

An elixir of fermented grapes may be offered at the end of class, you can partake if you wish ;).

As always, all supplies are included in the class. All you need to do is show up.


Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga is the class for those of you who want to learn more about yoga in a safe, light environment. We will approach this short 4 week series learning the basics and then building on what we have learned each week. Each class will include seated, standing, balancing postures, fun flowing movements, and everyone's favorite...Savasana (that laying down posture at the end of class). Come join the fun and grow with the flow.


Muscle Therapy

In this 6 week series, each week you will learn different ways to release your tight spots. This includes not only physical ways but applications of various products of muscle rub including essential oils. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will learn what YOUR body needs to work out tight or restricted areas.

Session begins Wednesday May 2nd 6:30-7:45pm and runs for 6 weeks.

Week 1 We will go over a functional movement screen to learn your asymmetries from right to left side and which areas might need some strengthening to support stable movement in the body.

Week 2 We will learn Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF stretching), learn a contract/relax reflex in the muscle and how this can increase mobility, Deanne will take you through some Thai massage stretches that feel amazing.

Week 3 Learn about the Myofascial system in the body that can be the root of immobility in the body. We will also learn effective ways to foam roll and ball roll the areas using the concept of myofascial release and trigger point release.

Week 4 Static Stretching versus Dynamic stretching and how this feels different in the body and specifically, in the joints. Joint play techniques may be explored in this class as well.

Week 5 and 6 are left for the techniques that seem to work most effectively for the majority of the class. Learn from an expert in muscle therapy, this is what Deanne works with all day long in her career as a busy massage therapist.

Kellie's yoga and essential oils

This class is lead by Kellie Timmins. It will take place the third Friday morning of every month from 11:00-am-12:15pm. In this class, you will be immersed in learning and experiencing how essential oils can not only benefit your body and support your health but also, how oils can deepen your yoga practice. It doesn't take too long after meeting Kellie to know how passionate and knowledgeable she is about essential oils.

Pre-paid punch passes can be purchased online using Paypal.The punch pass can also be used for any of Deanne's classes that aren't at max capacity. 

First class is October 20th, then November 17 and every third Friday from then on.


Thai Yogassage

Restore, and renew with Thai yogassage! This class is a fusion of Thai massage (also called lazy man's yoga) and restorative yoga. You are led through restorative yoga poses, then Deanne uses various Thai massage adjustments to take you further into the passive stretch. Restore your body, mind and more in this zen class. This class is great for those who need to de-stress, unwind and restore the balance of life. Offset your busy day with some downtime. This class is the ultimate in therapeutic touch which is where Deanne's abilities shine. Let yourself relax in her capable hands. A must try! 

All mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets are supplied. Some essential oils are used, so be sure to notify us with any allergies you may have.

Class size is limited so everyone gets enough hands on adjustments.


Essentrics (Thursday)

Essentrics is a non impact, full body workout that helps in developing lean, strong and flexible muscles while improving posture. This is achieved through a dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening movements.

This program rebalances the body, helps to prevent and address injuries and unlock restrictions in the joints. Feel longer, taller and lifted with a stronger posture. Deanne will talk about how a poor posture can be the culprit to many injuries or restrictions in the body. You will be surprised how this gentle movement practice can awaken 'sleeping' muscles and improve muscle endurance and stamina in the shoulders glutes, legs and feet.

Essentrics has elements of ballet, Tai Chi, physiotherapy, myofascial movement and PNF and myotatic reflexes in the muscles. Good news if you have wrist issues, we spend zero time on our wrists! It is encouraging to know that you don't have to be in pain when you exercise to be effective and notice differences. When Deanne started doing Essentrics she was 5'6", now she is 5'11"!! Just kidding but she certainly feels taller and most people report the same thing after doing Essentrics.

Essentrics (Tuesday)

In this Essentrics class, we combine some barre techniques to kick it up a notch. Challenging but always doable. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles and support a long, lean posture. Notice differences in your legs, glutes, core and shoulders. Just come and move your body, you may be surprised what you can do and how quickly you notice strength developing in your body. Come move and groove to the beat of the music and have some fun while you share some smiles with us!

Daytime beginner yoga

Learn this beginner friendly movement practice. This class is suitable for those who have never done yoga, as well as those you have done some yoga but have limitations and may not be able to get down on the floor (chairs provided). This class is a short session. After 3 weeks, you will have the chance to join other classes as Deanne assesses your movement abilities, or enter another session of beginner yoga/chair yoga etc. All supplies provided. This is a 6 week session, for a $120 investment and starts May 11th 1:30-2:30 pm, then May 25th, June 8th, June 15th, June 22nd and June 29th. 

Gentle Stretch

Just bend, relax and breathe! In this gentle class, you will learn techniques to lengthen areas of tightness and restriction. Stretches are held for a good length of time, similar to yin yoga. Using this technique, not only your muscles benefit, but restrictions in your connective tissue (fascia) can be released. The body is propped, bolstered and supported completely and poses are primarily on the floor. Little to no standing postures in this class.

All bolsters, blocks, props, mats, straps and blankets are provided



Private Group/Class

You can book us for private groups or classes as well. Let us know the size of the group, we can accommodate private one to one and up to 15 people depending on the style of class. This is a nice option if you have never been to a public yoga class and are perhaps terrified of the idea of it (don't worry, we have all been there). Perhaps you have limitations or injuries and just can't do everything that might be thrown at you in a big class. We are very knowledgeable about injuries and can design a safe approach to moving again. This isn't always just yoga and there are definitely certain movements and stretches that you SHOULDN'T do based on your diagnosis.

Maybe its your birthday or special day and you want a fun, active alternative to spend with friends and family. Whatever it may be, let us know and we will make it happen.

Prices for Private classes range from $80-$145 depending on the size and needs of the class. 

Email Deanne to set up a day and time.


Deanne has a large network of friends and colleges that have various skills, talents and knowledge. She has planned some exciting workshops and will invite in instructors to share their vast knowledge as well. If there are any specific workshops you would like her to plan, just send her an email (


Essential Oils Make n' Take

Have fun learning practical and immediate ways to use essential oils in various ways from roller balls, spray bottles, make your own unique diffuser blend.

We will have a variety of make and takes from ways to support your mind and body health and wellness, as well as, ways to support a clean living environment without having to use harsh chemicals. We know how good it feels when we eat more plant based food, learn the healing potential plant medicine has on the body when you incorporate it to your, skin, breathe it in and use it around your house.


June 16th- 1-3pm Learn how to make your own natural bug spray. $20 

If you have any special requests for classes, please email Deanne at



Foam rolling & Ball rolling

Foam rolling and Ball rolling 101

Learn how to use a foam roller properly to release areas of restrictions. Learn to use various densities of balls in various sizes from small for the feet to larger for the bigger areas of the body. Deanne's approach to foam rolling and ball rolling is to use the roller and balls as a therapeutic massage. The difference is that you are in total control of the depth of pressure. You will learn what trigger points are and how to do trigger point release on them. You will learn a bit of anatomy, the most common areas of injury and how to treat these areas. Beyond muscles, tendons and ligaments, you will learn a bit about the fascia (connective tissue) and how to do myofascial release. Deanne has taught a weekly class with this focus so this workshop could turn into a regular class is there is enough interest.

This workshop is 90 minutes long. If you have a roller, please bring it. Let us know you are doing so.

Meditation and Me

Join us in learning how to guide your body, mind and breath, through your meditation practice. 

The world needs a little more peace, come learn how to find some inside your own mind.

Meditation is becoming more utilized by health professionals who work with individuals who have anxiety, panic attacks, post tramatic stress disorder, chronic pain and caregivers working with Alzheimer's and dementia. It is also helpful to calm the mind and slow down the constant chatterbox of the monkey mind.





Join certified reflexologist and RMT Laura Seabrook and Deanne for a treat for your feet!

Learn and experience the amazing benefits of reflexology paired with a restorative yoga class infused with essential oils.

Our feet have zones that correspond to areas of the body. By stimulating these points or zones your body can elicit a healing response to the corresponding area.

This is a one time class that may turn into a regular class if there is enough interest. Class is Thursday September 20th 6:30-7:45pm  

Cost is $25, your feet will thank you!