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Yoga in the Yurt!

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Essentrics is a non impact, full body workout that helps in developing lean, strong and flexible muscles while improving posture. This is achieved through a dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening movements. This session starts Thursday May 3rd 6:30-7:30pm and runs for 6 weeks.

This program rebalances the body, helps to prevent and address injuries and unlock restrictions in the joints. Feel longer, taller and lifted with a stronger posture. Deanne will talk about how a poor posture can be the culprit to many injuries or restrictions in the body. You will be surprised how this gentle movement practice can awaken 'sleeping' muscles and improve muscle endurance and stamina in the shoulders glutes, legs and feet.

Essentrics has elements of ballet, Tai Chi, physiotherapy, myofascial movement and PNF and myotatic reflexes in the muscles. Good news if you have wrist issues, we spend zero time on our wrists! It is encouraging to know that you don't have to be in pain when you exercise to be effective and notice differences. When Deanne started doing Essentrics she was 5'6", now she is 5'11"!! Just kidding but she certainly feels taller and most people report the same thing after doing Essentrics.

LocationThe Yurt
InstructorDeanne Smith
Start DateTo be determined
Session spots available12