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Inspire Wellness Studio

For Specific Concerns

Special Testing

Initial Assessment

If you are coming to see me for a specific concern or condition I will need to do an initial assessment on you before proceeding. Please but in the note column some of the signs and symptoms that you have been experiencing.

During this assessment I will go through a detailed history with you that will include postural assessment (you can read more about this under postural assessment tab in the therapy section off the home screen), a visual assessment of your gait is included, palpation of affected areas. Testing of nerve involvement, reflexes and range of motion testing. This is good information to record before treatment begins.

The final aspect of the assessment is the special orthopedic tests based on the information gathered in the first part of the assessment. These tests are valuable tools that will help point towards the treatment protocol that is best suited for you and your condition. This assessment is important to focus your subsequent massage sessions, and results are likely to be seen quicker. Without this inital visit a massage therapist might spend extra time/sessions until they find the root of the problem and then decide on how to treat the problem.

Reassessment will be recommended by the massage therapist.